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    Top Luxury Cars Owned By World Known Celebrities

    Page 1/48In a new age like the 21st Century, it is effortless to own a car. But we, as normal people, mostly can’t afford the same cars as celebrity does… Here is a ranking of the most expensive luxury cars owned by celebrities. Let’s see who drives the most expensive one… CADILLAC, EST. $16,070: JASON MOMOA […] More

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    The Top 20 Highest Selling Singles/Vinyles Of All Time

    Page 1/21Music is an art that soothes our souls. Everyone, everywhere, listens to music in many different forms according to their tastes and moods. Choices vary from region to region or even person to person, but few musicians are renowned universally because of their extraordinary music hits. 20. Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman: “Time to […] More

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    25 Celebrities Who Will Amaze You With Their Astonishing Fortunes!

    Page 1/26 Well-known athletes, writers, directors, producers, singers and movie stars have also been awarded with significant wealth, in addition to prizes, cups or medals they win with their achievements. Some of the celebrities live only on their earnings from their professions, and even spend this wealth in a short time, while some others resort […] More