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  • astrodome

    Abandoned Stadiums That Will Haunt You Forever

    Page 1/25Abandoned stadiums are melancholic and just plain freaky places. There are a certain shock and thrill that comes with seeing a place that used to have so much life now hold nothing but vacancy. Your article continues on Page 2. You will see some of the spookiest abandoned stadiums and sports venues presently existing […] More

  • Carol Wayne

    40 Incredible Historical Photos

    We are going to show you some rare historical photos from the past to bring alternative proofs of modern history. From the most incredible inventions to the construction of the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy this rare but interesting travel to the past. Eiffel Tower construction July 1, 1887 and completed on April 15, 1889. This photo shows its 1988 progress, after completion of its first floor. More