Set on a journey to explore celebrities’ lavish living standards. Let’s have a look at their deluxe houses!

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A media person (especially a celeb) earns much more than a normal job person, their lives and living standards are always a source of fascination for their fans and followers. The glamour not only restricted to their on-screen lives, instead their off-screen life is as lavish as one can think of. Here we have a list of most luxurious houses of some of the famous and beloved celebrities to unveil their off-screen glam and luxury life!


In the list of luxury homes, we have Tucker Carlson’s house on top with a net worth of $2.2 Million. Tucker Carlson is a famous political commentator of Fox News. He and his wife have recently traded his colonial style house which he bought in 2011 in Washington D.C. this fancy residence has spread over 4784 square feet in Kent and has scenic environs with a dint of nature, surrounded with trees and greenery everywhere.

Tucker used to live there with his wife and four kids but recently he has moved to New York due to his work demand and before moving he sold his lavish residence at $2.2 Million.

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