These 12 secret codes are reasons that you are HIS ultimate soul mate!

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In this mean world, finding true love is not that easy! In the presence of too much flirt and betrayals, how to find your prince charming who will love you unconditionally?

If you are into a relationship and dating a guy since long and curious to know either he truly loves you or he is just a roadside Romeo, check out these 12 signs, if your partner is showing these signs, YOU are his ultimate soul mate and he is damn serious about you!

1. You are his priority

In the hustle-bustle of life, if a man giving you his time; he is in love with you! He takes you before everything just because he loves you truly and you are not stand in his backup plans.

He takes you for a dinner, movie, and shopping besides managing his hectic routine, it is a sign that in his life, you come first.

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