15 Photos That Prove That Everything On Instagram Is A Lie

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The regular 21st Century life depicts a lot, as many go as far as changing their real personality to suit the social trend. However, Instagram has been the central piece for entertainment and advertorial activities, where most celebrities assemble to show off the wealth and affluence they might or might not have over time.

So it is best to stick with the real facts, as most of these activities on social media are just mere show-offs with no real backings. Below are 15 photos to prove that everything on Instagram is a lie. Let’s get straight to these facts.

Instagram Photo Of Kylie Jenner Vs Tv

Really….? This sure doesn’t look like the same day!! She doesn’t look like herself at all in the same picture. Even if there sure is a resemblance, it might not be the same day. There are just a lot of differences in the pictures; she has a necklace on the left and not on the right.

And it looks like she’s got a nose job on the right too; she conflicts her second picture. And the most obvious being her different hairstyles on both photographs; on the left, she has a shorter and straight, while on the right, she has a long and wavy hair on.

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