A list of 25 prettiest women in the world

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Beauty cannot be measured in terms of any parameters, it’s a subjective matter and the judgment criteria vary from person to person. God has gifted everyone with beautiful features and souls, but some beauties have enchantment in their looks that can easily leave their lasting impacts on our minds.

Here in this article we have gathered 25 most beautiful women exists in our world, this list may not be up to your standards, but generally, you will not regret by looking over our choice!

1. Mozhdah Jamalzadah

Mozhdah Jamalzadah is a Canadian based Afghan singer born on December 7, 1985. She with her family migrated from Afghanistan after the civil war started, at that time she was just five years of age. She studied journalism but soon she discovered her passion for singing and writing.

She then stepped into the music world and her song “Afghan Girl” hit the charts and become ingeniously famous. Her song led her to the peaks of fame and the gorgeous lady earned several nominations and awards to her name.

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