Look how these celebrities from NCIS have transformed over time! Photos are enough to make you dumbstruck

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Life changes with the time and the way time bring change in one’s life is commendable! Some changes are vibrant that can make you numb for a second, Here we are discussing the transformation that came in the lives of the cast of record-breaking TV series “NCIS” with the course of 16 seasons, the pictures are showing their Then & Now life’s transformations!

Being an NCIS die heart fan, if anyone wants to know “What they were, and what they are now” read this piece of writing!


Mark Harmon is a person entitled with the award of “Most favorite TV crime drama actor” and known for his iconic character as Gibbs in NCIS. After getting into the list of the top cast of NCIS in 2003, his excellent talent has earned him great popularity and fame, his characters have changed over the years but he is still clamped with the series.

He has turned 68 this September, age has bestowed him more dignity and grace.   

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