The parents of these stars are openly LGTBQ

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The field of the creative arts has always welcomed gays and lesbians, where they are recognized and rewarded for their talents, even if it took a long time to do so. But it was and still is difficult for gays and lesbians and transgender people to gain acceptance in society.

There are many famous people like actors, directors, writers and musicians who were raised by at least one gay parent. The most important thing for these families considered “unconventional” by some is that the family be united, fulfilled and happy; the bottom line is that a gay couple can raise their children in an open-minded environment, which makes them strong and well-adjusted members of society.

On the occasion of Pride month in June, when the celebration of the rainbow community, LGBTQ, takes place every year, here are these celebrities who were raised by wonderful gay and lesbian parents.

Amy Adams

Raised in a Mormon family, American actress, singer and dancer Amy Adams, known for her role as Lois Lane in the DC Comis films, was 11 when her parents divorced in 1985. That same year, her mother decided to start her life over with a woman and became a semi-professional body-builder.It was Amy’s father who had custody of the children following the divorce.Nevertheless, despite the divorce, there seems to be a good understanding between the members of the family. Her mother is very happy with her career and Amy often invites her to the Oscars and other events with her siblings.

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