These celebrities have weird rituals before they take the stage

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Whether it’s superstition or an attempt to create a sense of normalcy by sleeping in a new town every night, some of the world’s greatest bands and musicians need to create rituals for themselves when they’re out. the road.

And when we imagine what those famous rituals that stars put on to overcome stress could be , most of us tend to think of quirky and wacky stuff. Like those jaw-dropping stories of Keith Richard mixing his father’s ashes with cocaine and sniffing them, or Ozzy sniffing ants while wearing a dress he stole from an old lady.

But in reality, most of the pre-show rituals are quite boring, even very normal, with a touch of eccentricity and provocation, but that’s what makes our favorite artists so charming!

Without further ado, let’s check out this list!

Justin bieber

In his early days, Justin is said to have always consumed Sour Patch Kids and Gummi Worms, not to mention Jelly Beans, American chemical candies he demanded to have before every show he played. Chances are, as the singer grew older and had more and more legal issues, the youth idol swapped the sweet candies for something more hardcore.

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