These Elvis Presley Facts Will Make You Question How You’Ve Always Looked At The King

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One of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll legends of all time – Elvis was the undisputed King of Rock of the 20th century. His fame is so great that impersonators have become a tradition – surely, you’ve seen some, as there’s over 85,000. Elvis was famous both for his musical prowess and for his smooth dance moves, but like many famous people, his signature appearance and style helped make him truly memorable.

While much of Elvis’s life is fairly known to the average rock fan, the star also held a plethora of secrets that only keen researchers and investigators know of.

Here are a list of some of those elusive facts – continue the article and count how many you knew!

1 – A low start

Before his days of fame, Elvis wasn’t very successful in school. He spent much of his time alone, and while he showed great inclination for music, it got written off by his peers and teachers, some even insulting him for it.

Elvis was often anxious and nervous when performing in his younger years. The feedback he received while developing his talent was surely part of this initial struggle. Luckily, he recovered fairly fast and became the confident king that his fans knew him as.

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