These Elvis Presley Facts Will Make You Question How You’Ve Always Looked At The King

39 – A book about Presley came out right before his death

Three ex-bodyguards who worked for Presley worked together to publish a book that contained many personal details about the king’s life. It was 1977, and the book was released a mere two weeks before the rock star’s death. The book was titled Elvis: What happened? And is well-known by his fans worldwide.

Presley attempted to use his fortune to stop the book from being published, but he couldn’t succeed. Weeks later, he perished! It’s as if the truths within the book laid him to rest somehow. Some of the revelations the book held included the many ailments Presley was suffering from: glaucoma, enlarged colon, blood pressure issues, a damaged liver, and so on. The book also contained detailed recounting of his life off the stage. Elvis was determined to stay the ideal man in the public’s eye, as he had always done, and didn’t wish his fans to know his true state.