Top Luxury Cars Owned By World Known Celebrities

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In a new age like the 21st Century, it is effortless to own a car. But we, as normal people, mostly can’t afford the same cars as celebrity does…

Here is a ranking of the most expensive luxury cars owned by celebrities. Let’s see who drives the most expensive one…


Jason Momoa is a born American movie actor, with inclination to so many movie projects and played a very vital role in the famous movie series, Game of Thrones

One of his most popular outings also being the fascinating role he played in the movie Aquaman.

However, Jason always shows in the light of a celebrity with great taste for luxury cars. 

One of which is his Pink Cadillac “Bernadette,” and has been seating in his garage for over 15 years. Though most men wouldn’t see pink as a fitting colour, But Jason does. 

However, there are other beautiful collections of luxury rides owned by Jason: a Harley Davidson bike, an e-cycle, a Range Rover, and a Land Rover Defender Series 3.

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