What Really Happened Between Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren?

Tiger Woods, the prolific golf star and celebrity, is definitely no stranger to paparazzi or being on the front page of many magazines over the years. From rising up the ranks in his golfing career to the constant news about his out of control personal life, it’s almost as though he can’t escape the spotlight.

The cherry on top of all the controversy is perhaps his relationship with Elin Nordegren. And, after years of drama, the story of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s relationship is, for the first time, revealed here.

The Origins

In late 2009, word started circling around the online world that Woods had been unfaithful to Nordegren. People just could not get enough of the story. They craved the next part of the saga. Then, fast forward about ten years, and the two have long gone their separate ways.

But first, let’s go way back to the beginning of the story and work our way forward from there…