20 kind-hearted celebrities who have saved animals from the streets

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Liev Schreiber and Woody, Willow and then Scout

It is quite surprising to see the actor who plays the tough guy in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, where Liv Shreiber played Sabre Teeth, melting in front of these little balls of hair but off camera, exit the costume of villain for the actor, he is a great lover of animals in real life and does not hesitate to take their defense.

The actor had attended a dog show in an animal shelter affected by Hurricane Harvey, and decided during this event, to adopt two of the dogs, so he offered a new home to Woody and Willow by welcoming them in his house, and more recently, Liv Schreiber adopted Scout, the newcomer, he had found in a shelter in Los Angeles. Since then, the actor very proud of his companions does not hesitate to share photos of them on social networks.

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