20 kind-hearted celebrities who have saved animals from the streets

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Justin Theroux and Kuma

Justin Theroux literally saved the dog Sylvia, a survivor of Hurricane Harvey. The dog was wandering the streets of Conroe, Texas, after the hurricane hit and was suffering terribly, with no one seeming to want to rescue her. Sylvia eventually landed at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter where she found shelter. But because she was in such terrible shape, a volunteer called “A rescue to Bloom Dog Rescue” who finally took her in and provided the necessary care.

It was then that Justin Theroux himself arrived at the shelter and it was love at first sight, Justin immediately signed all the papers for the adoption of the dog he renamed Kuma. Some time later, it was a non-profit organization called “Pilots N Paws” that transported Kuma to her new home, she and her new adoptive dad have not left each other since, a real VIP adoption worthy of a fairy tale!

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