20 kind-hearted celebrities who have saved animals from the streets

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Hilary Swank and Lucky, Karoo, Rumi and Kai

Hilary Swank has adopted her two dogs Rumi and Kai. Like Bradley Cooper, she advocates for adoption and has created her own foundation, Hillaroo, which helps abandoned animals. The actress is the perfect example of someone who truly loves animals and advocates for their protection. The name of her organization is a mix of her first name and her dog Karoo, which inspired her to create the foundation.

Their story is very touching. The actress discovered the dog while jumping over a fence during a movie shoot, the little puppy was looking at her and Hilary just took him to the vet because he looked so bad. Hilary wasn’t considering adopting an animal at the time, but then she decided not to leave the little puppy and took him under her wing. When the filming of the movie was completed, Karoo was an additional member of her family.

The “Million Dollars Baby” actress said that the dog would have saved her in a way: “I don’t know if I found this dog or if it found me,” Hilary continued with this quote: “I hope to become the human my dog thinks I am.

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