These Selected 15 Dog Breeds Can Offer Fine Friendship For OLDSTERS

Running in the race of social media communication networks to become a part of global society, we have forgotten our elders and subconsciously we are pushing them in the hole of loneliness! Oldsters from this era are in dire need of a full-time companionship, with whom they can spend their time, feel comfortable and forget all their woes and problem.

What else is more happening than having a dog of their own, no doubt dogs are the best buddies on this planet. A dog can be a precious companion for someone who is struggling to turn his BLUES into WHITES! This adorable companionship is not only visually endearing but also has emotional/therapeutic benefits; dogs can reduce hypertension, depression, and anxiety. But the key is to pick the best breed that tone up with the lifestyle and taste of the elders.

So we have a superb solution to solve this problem, now elders can plough their furrow by adopting a dog from below mentioned 15 top breeds recommended specifically to their age groups. Just give a glance at the list!

1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is an adorable Chinese dog belongs to the toy group. He is an ideal pick for the elderly because of its loyal, cute, affectionate and guarding features. He effortlessly gets along with older adults and has an unruffled temperament.

Shih Tzu requires no extra effort for handling and taming, he is an easy-going pup weighing only 5-7 kgs.