Who is over the odds? Let’s find out the world’s top 25 posh dog breeds

In the pursuit of showing love and companionship, none of the pet can beat the DOGS! It is without a doubt, dogs are the best mates. But everything precious comes with a price, even a DOG worth a king’s ransom! And to buy a canine buddy, one must delve into gathering some info about their breeds, costs and bearing expenses (healthcare, diet, and physical grooming).

To break the ice, we have jotted down a list of 25 topmost lavish dog breeds of the world, so that one can effortlessly pick the desirable one. Just look at the upside-down order of the selected 25 dog breeds!

25. Kerry Blue Terrier

This Irish wooly textured breed is on the top of the list not because of its purchase price but in terms of its bearing expenses. 

It seems affordable when we say that Kerry Blue Terrier worth $600 only. But wait, the pup is so delicate just like a mimosa. Due to the prevalence of some genetic disorders, its therapeutic care and treatments can cost up to $7000. Quiet expensive!

With the love and proper health check, they can survive up to 15 years.

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