20 hypnotic places of the world which should be added in your travel list!

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Traveling is a source of pleasure for those who have an innate desire to explore the beauty of the world. Humans have the curiosity and urge to explore nature for ages and this impulse pushes them to travel far off places and explore what nature has to offer, and believe me, our world is full of surprises and loaded with the mesmerizing places all around the globe. If you are a travelaholic this article will help you to make a traveling list full of tremendous places that can surely satisfy your traveling beast.

Check out these 20 beautiful places before making your next holiday plan! Our list has some natural visiting places as well as some manmade miracles.

1. Santorini, Greece

The most beautiful island of the Aegean Sea located in Santorini, Greece. This hypnotic place came into existence after the volcanic eruption in the 16th century, as we have heard that everything happens for our good, best fit in this situation as the volcano manipulated this place into an unusual tourist attraction. There are two towns Fire & Oia in the Island containing Cubic-form houses all in white color.

This Cyclades Island continually changes its landscapes, and the red, black and white lava pebbles all around its beaches incredibly add to the beauty of this place. Summers are the best time of year to visit and enjoy the beauty of dog days in Santorini.

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